Training Tips – Walking Your Puppy On The Lead

Puppies are full of enthusiasm for life, and generally have a very sunny outlook on the world around them, and when they are young they are most receptive to training and picking up new skills. Training your puppy to walk on the lead is one of the most important aspects of your little dog’s training, and how you go about it and what your puppy learns from it will remain with yo...
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What Level Of Training Understanding Can You Expect From Your Puppy?

It is vitally important to begin training your new puppy as early as possible, while they are most amenable to training and most likely to find it easy to learn new skills. From the time when you first bring your puppy home you should begin almost immediately, but of course, when your puppy is young, their level of understanding and what you can reasonably expect them to achiev...
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Introducing Children To Puppies

get along with kids
Introducing a new puppy into your home is a really exciting time for the whole family, especially the kids. However, there are certain things you have to do before you bring puppy home. This includes teaching the children how to behave around the new addition to the family when they first arrive, after all you don't want to scare the little creature as soon as you walk through ...
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How To Handle Your New Puppy’s First Night With You

Bringing your new puppy home for the first time can be really exciting, but it can also be rather stressful, both for the puppy and their new owners! While much advice is written about how to handle and train a young puppy, one area that is often overlooked is precisely how you should manage and deal with your new puppy’s first night in their new home. It is of course import...
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Teaching Your Puppy To Sleep Through The Night

In a lot of ways, getting a new puppy can be like having a young baby, and of course, a puppy is a baby dog and needs to be treated accordingly! Puppies do not come into our lives fully developed, knowing where to go to the toilet, how to obey commands and that night time is for sleeping, and these are all things that we, as dog owners, need to teach our puppies. (more&hell...
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