How it works!

What do we mean by Personalized Services?

All families have different rules and routines for their pets. What we try to do is ensure the same applies when you are in our home; if you do not want pets on furniture or in bed, we make sure that rule is followed. If you like to have your pet walked in the evening because that is what you do at home, we will make that happen too*. 

*additional rates will apply

We started this business because the idea of leaving our little Sammy Dog in a kennel with little human interaction was a travel deal breaker for us. With Daydream Pet Services, your pet will have plenty of interaction of both human and canine.

The calendar fills up quick so email us today and find out why personalized pet sitting is the best option for your family pet.

Description In-My Home Services:

My home is safe and welcoming to four-legged friends. I have one dog, Sammy, and he is quite friendly; one of the reasons I went into business so that my baby would be well socialized and have a variety of friends for play and excitement. I have a small, but fenced in backyard so they can play! My house is dog-friendly both up and especially downstairs. We have a nice playful dog and adult sanctuary.

I can assure you that your pet(s) will enjoy their vacation as much as you will yours. There are people around most of the time, providing that extra love and attention. I attempt to make your home rules, our home rules during your pets stay with Daydream Pet Services, LLC. My neighborhood is safe and quiet as well as confined for a nice safe walk when weather permits. 

I hope to hear from another true animal lover like me. I would never kennel my Sammy and I hate to hear anyone kenneling theirs when it’s much cheaper and happier experience for your furry family friend.

Description of In-Your-Home Services:

Dogs love their own environment and when a family has multiple dogs this is their preferred method. When I come to your home, your pets are not disrupted in any way with their daily lives and you get a house sitter to boot. I’ll bring in the mail and ensure trash is taken out and newspapers are gathered so the appearance someone is home, is a true experience. Prices vary on in-your-home services and is agreed upon prior to commitment.